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What is ProGini

Word from the CEO Rick Hamadeh

ProGini is so proud to be part of the new AI revolution. We are all about creation and innovations.

ProGini is a technology company that help automate your business at a push of the a button. Our mission to simplify business automation across all platform types, fast, reliable and professional results.

One of the most intelligent key component of ProGini AI is used as an Ad Wizard Manager for Bloggers Chamber of Commerce members, it is a powerful platform that empowers advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their Bloggers Chamber of Commerce ads.

We are so proud to be partners with Bloggers Chamber of Commerce and helping achieve their members future plans.


One of the most exciting things about
ProGini is it’s ability to automate your business in so many different ways,
including businesses, retail, privet owned and home business.

Currently PROGINI AI is helping businesses connecting influencers in their advertising and marketing campaig.